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Held for Ransom

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Setting the stage Mahesh was enjoying the water shower. It felt so good to have the water droplets fall all over him, trickle down his nose, chest, legs and flow down his dick in a gentle stream. He was loving the feeling of bathing nude in the confines of a bathroom. Mahesh had come a week earlier to visit his uncle at Mumbai. Mahesh was turning 17 this year and had stayed all his life in a small village in Bihar. His father was a farmer and he had been working the fields alongside his father since he was 12. Mahesh’s uncle, Ajay, was about 10 years his senior, had left home when Mahesh was just 6 years old. There had been a fight one morning with his father and uncle, and he was thrown out of the home. Ajay, 16 years old then, had boarded a train to Mumbai and was not heard from for several years. Later, he had started corresponding and sending money back to his family, which had reduced the bitterness over time. He visited the village a year back and had told tales of the city, how he had found work and survived. Mahesh had taken a liking for his uncle and when Ajay visited them this year, Ajay had invited him to spend a week with him at Mumbai.

Mahesh had jumped at this opportunity and though his father was initially reluctant, Ajay uncle has convinced him.Mahesh was reminiscing about the past one week he had spent at Mumbai. He had been enthralled with the city’s tall buildings, cars and the people. His uncle’s home was a one bedroom, hall-cum-kitchen with attached bathroom in an old building near Dadar in the heart of the city. It was small but decent. The area was always busy teeming with sounds of horns, people shouting and cursing (among other things of woes of water and the bloody politicians). For Mahesh, it was a different world altogether and he was taking everything in with delight. Ajay was working in a call centre in the night shift, so had ample time to take Mahesh around the city. Other than the regular touristy sights, Ajay had taken Mahesh to a dance bar where the girls were literally rolling themselves over Mahesh giving him a clear view of their boobs, something he had never seen before. His dick had grown hard through the show and his trousers were sporting a huge wet spot by the time they exited the bar giving Ajay a good chance to make fun of him. Ajay always treated him as an adult and a friend, and Mahesh had quite liked this considering that at home he was still considered young. Ajay had not married yet, but had boasted of a couple of girlfriends he had in the city.

Mahesh’s thoughts veered to the previous night when Ajay brought home a couple of X-rated CD’s and a bottle of beer. He was wide eyed and could not quite believe the blatant display of nudity and passion unfolding on the TV screen. He saw the guy fucking three girls and showering his cum all over them with a lot of screams and cries. Even in his wildest dreams, Mahesh could not have imagined such a scene. The limited exposure to adult content he had was through the movie magazines where the most he could see was some cleavage and skin that he had jacked off to earlier. This was quite bombastic in comparison. Ajay was amused and smiled when Mahesh had excused himself to go to the bathroom. Mahesh had locked the bathroom door, unzipped his jeans and fervently jerked his dick.. In less than two mins, he had sprayed his cum into his palm… and after cleaning himself… Mahesh was quite shocked once he opened the bathroom door to see that his uncle was also pulling up his pyjamas and had sprayed his cum all over the television. With both of them now satiated, they had enjoyed a hearty meal with drinks and discussion on which girl was more voluptuous and desirable.Returning from his thoughts, Mahesh found that he again had a growing hard-on thinking about the videos from yesterday. He started fondling his dick. Back in the village, he had always bathed in the open by the well. There was never any privacy and he always wore his `lungi’ (towel like garment of thin muslin cloth worn over the waist) while bathing. In his uncle’s bathroom, he could bathe stark naked, fondle himself and do whatever he wanted.

With years of physical work, Mahesh had developed a strong physique with broad shoulders, well defined chest and lean frame at 5’10. He had a smattering of chest hair, a thin but gradually developing treasure trail leading to a thick bush of pubic hair and a well-endowed 7″ shaft. His slow jerking actions gained pace and he was nearing climax when he heard a loud bang on the door followed by raised voices.Episode 2 – Collection agentsOpen the door!! A guy was banging Ajay’s entrance door wildly and uttering a string of expletives. Ajay was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and went to the door. Peeping through the keyhole, he saw a rough looking guy. “Who are you and what do you want?” Ajay asked.”I have come from Salim bhai.. open the door and I will tell you what I want” shouted back the guy whose name was Babu.The colour drained from Ajay’s face when he heard Salim’s name. Salim bhai was a local goon and used to extort money from people. He remembered that he had taken a loan of Rupees 50 thousand to buy a motorbike last year and had not paid back the money despite multiple reminders. Would the moneylender have asked Salim for the collection, thought Ajay.Mustering courage, Ajay said “Sir, I am not sure what you are looking for and I do not have anything to give”.”Motherfucker.. Don’t `Sir’ me… or act smart.. open the door.. or we will break it.. Salim bhai will break your bones.. com’n open the door” and he banged the door with such force that the latch started to give way.Ajay relented and opened the door.

Babu banged open the door and strode into the room.. He was followed by four young guys.. One of them was carrying a small knife.. The last person closed the door after entering and locked it.”What the…” stammered Ajay..Babu gave him a resounding slap and Ajay slumped on the chair kept in the room. “Keep quiet”. Two boys held him and the rough guy sat in front of him. He ordered the other two boys to check the home for any money or valuables. Ajay’s worst fears had come true.–Meanwhile Mahesh had stopped the jerk-off and had turned off the shower faucet. He could hear the loud sounds coming from outside and not knowing what to do, was keeping silent. –The boys did not take long to do a recce of the room.. though they missed checking the bathroom with Mahesh inside.. they handed over about 2000 Rupees, a watch, mobile phone and the CD player to their boss.”Is this all?” shouted Babu. “Boss, there is nothing in this house other than this””This would be hardly be worth 7000 Rupees, where will we get the rest from” exclaimed Babu.Ajay was sweating profusely now and the grip of the boys holding him was causing him pain. He still asked “Sir, I do not have anything.. what are you looking for””As if you do not know… you have tucked in 50,000 rupees in your ass.. and not paid up.

Salimbhai has paid the money to your banker and we will recover this with interest from you, even if it means selling you to a brothel” smirked Babu.He ordered his boys to tie Ajay to the chair.. they took out some thin nylon string from their trouser pockets and tied Ajay’s wrists tightly to the arm-rests using the knife to cut the string.. Two boys held Ajay from behind.. And the other two took hold of his legs.. Babu took at a pair of pliers..Ajay shouted “What are you going to do.. let go of me”.. he was squirming in the chair like an earthworm.. but was unable to move.. Babu laughed aloud… in a tone similar to Bollywood villains.. “You will now regret not paying back to Salimbhai.. he’s asked me to fetch one fingernail for every 10 thousand rupees.. since you do not seem to have any money to give in return.. i am left with no option””No.. no.. no.. please do not do that.. I will pay Salimbhai back in 4-5 days” the color had drained from his face.. Ajay was not sure what to do..”I want the money today… or the fingernails.. else, he will take mine” don’t waste my time.. the more time you take.. the more painful it will be for you..Ajay shouted..”Somebody.. pls helllllpppp.. Help.. HELP” the boys put a hand on his mouth and gagged him with a piece of cloth.. Without further ado, Babu put the pliers on Ajay’s left index finger and said.. “Only god can help you now” Mahesh had already tied the towel around his waist when he had heard Ajay’s call for help.. He unlatched the bathroom door and threw it open…

He saw four guys holding Ajay who was tied to a chair and Babu holding the pliers on Ajay’s finger…He shouted.. “Leave him alone”At this surprise entry of Mahesh.. Babu swerved around.. the plier he was holding twisted and chipped off Ajay’s fingernail..He shouted.. “Aaaaaaahhhh.. nooooo.. Mahesshhhh”As Ajay was already immobile being tied to the chair.. the four boys had sprung into action.. and caught hold of Mahesh.. Mahesh tried to kick his legs and arms.. but to no avail.. he was still wet from the shower.. and in the tussle with the boys.. his towel was undone and dropped on the floor.. leaving him completely nude and exposed… he could not hide his dick as his hands were tightly held behind his back..Babu shouted “Stop everyone”.. Addressing Ajay, he said “Where did this boy come from.. you were expecting this tiny kitten to save you.. hahaha… see how your kitten is also now captured.”Babu looked at Mahesh closely… he noticed his athletic frame, strong shoulders, well sculpted chest with some chest hair.. he saw Mahesh’s limp dick which was a chocolate brown color nesting between a thick bush and big balls underneath.. Mahesh’s limp dick was also 5” long… he came closer inspecting Mahesh’s body, then went behind.. Mahesh’s ass was smooth.. much like a girl.. with big buttocks… he asked the boys to dilate Mahesh’s ass cheeks.. which they promptly did.. exposing a beautiful, hairless, clean asshole..

Mahesh was feeling very uncomfortable and when the boys had touched his ass.. he had cried out. but he could not do much as they had a vice like grip on himBabu made up his mind quickly.. He went to Ajay who was still in some pain due to his chipped fingernail and the tight nylon strings that had reduced the circulation to his fingers…Babu said. “Seems your prayers are answered.. God has descended to save you… I will spare your fingernails today… instead, I will take this chamiya (Slang in Hindi for `cheap item girls’) to Salimbhai.. you must be knowing that he runs a brothel.. where this chamiya will come to a lot of use… He will serve us until you pay back the money.. his services counting towards daily interest and penalties on payment delay.. So you see.. we are very particular about the finances… and very transparent on all transactions” he smiled at the last remark..Ajay understood the impact of Babu’s proposition.. He was in tears.. “Please leave him.. he is just a kid.. this is none of his problem”Babu said “You cannot have it your way every time.. you asked me to leave you.. I have done that now.. be glad.. and get the money arranged quickly if you want to save this boy”turning back towards Mahesh… he marvelled again at Mahesh’s body… he rubbed his own crotch which was gaining girth.. and moving towards Mahesh went close to him.. and touched his flaccid dick.. Mahesh growled and shivered in a wave of revulsion and stared angrily at Babu… this was the first time someone had touched his dick..Babu squeezed Mahesh’s balls fondly and said.. “Hmm.. there is a lot of fire in you.. you need some taming before I take you to Salim bhai.. Boys.. tie his hands to the bed and prepare him to receive us… he needs an initiation…

"to be contined....

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