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A Night with Amit’s Mom

Let me introduce myself, my name is Arun from Cochin, currently staying at Mumbai. I study in a business school now and am 22 years old. I love horny milfs and horny frustrated mothers and few encounters with some of my friend’s moms. They all love me a lot. It started about 2 years back. There was a friend of mine named Amit and his mother was very hot as hell, with a perfect figure of 38-24-36 aged 45 years. She was really smoking and always thought about her.

One day my friend threw a college farewell party at his place asking everyone to come. His mother was a single mother and enjoyed with us a lot. She participated in the party as well. We all began to drink and when everyone got screwed with the drinks, Amit asked them to leave and asked me to stay back. I wanted some more drinks. Amit went to sleep in his room and his mom sat with me.

We went on talking about the days she asked me whether i have any girlfriends or not. I said that i had quite a few. Then after having 20 pegs of whiskey it was not possible for us to have more so we proceeded towards her bedroom. We started talking about our hard times and days and suddenly she planted a kiss on my lips and said, “Baby I am single and i want you in me.!!” and i grabbed her tight and started licking her lips from inside and outside like slurrrpppp muaahhhhhh and laid her on the bed. She stood up and grabbed my legs and lowered my pants and started to suck my cock over my underpants and started biting it until and unless my underwear totally got wet.

And then she pulled my undies down and she was very happy with my cock size. My cock size is 8 inch and said “I waited for this one so long let me give you a nice blowjob” and started giving me a blowjob and i was like ohh babbyyy yeshhhh man i waited for you too honey baby come on suck it harder babyyy i love it… yeahh come on..!! Then she took my cock out and told me to suck her pussy. I went and put my tongue inside her pussy and she started moaning like ohh yeahh you motherfucker go deeper and she grabbed my hair and pressed my mouth inside telling me to suck it harder and she cummed in my mouth…I took my tongue out and stood in front of her naked vagina

She said dont make me waiting sweetheart i want your prince to go inside. Come on sweetheart give it to me. On hearing this i placed my cock on her vagina and pushed it a bit in and she screamed ohh babbyy come on fuck me sweetheart and started taking my cock deeper with her vagina lips. I started stroking my cock inside her vagina by coming over her with her legs on shoulders. She kept on moaning and screaming and kissing oh babbyy yeahh come on fuck me…i know you always wanted this come on give it to meee yeahhh babbyyy and she kept on pushing and i was fucking her hard we did this for at least 20 minutes and she whispered in my ears i want to dance on you like a horse girl. So i laid myself down and she came over me and started dancing fucking hard over my cock. She said, “yeahhh babbyy now you feel what an matured woman can do”, and i said yes auntyy come on auntyy ohhh babbyyy you fuck so well. She blushed and kept on dancing harder and fell on me and started kissing me and asked me to fuck her harder she wants to cum and started fucking her harder likee mmmmmmmoohhhh thhaaaapppp thaaaapapppppppa and she finally came on my cockk…

She then started to taste her own cum and started to suck my cock harder and wanted me to go doggy. I went from her back and inserted my cock in her pussy and she said yeshh come let’s do it babbyyy and i said yeah and pushed my cock inside and started fucking her harder and the whole room was filled with our thaap thaap sound.

She kept on pushing her vagina towards my cock screaming like ohh babbyyy come on i need this so much i love you and asked me, “Do you wanna be a papa” and tell me baby “ Do you wanna be a papa” and I said “yes honey i want to become your kid’s papa..babby i want to become your husband i love you”. She said then cum inside my pussy come on sweetheart pat my ass and slapped her ass and she said ohh it’s so horny do it again and i patted her ass again, come on sweetheart love my slaps on your ass and she said yess my hubby and i was in full control of her patting her ass hard and asked her to say, “I want to be your kid mama..!!” and she said “I want to become your kids mama..!!” This made me very horny and we did for ten minutes and then i came inside her pussy and she came on my cock too. And then slept over one another.

The End

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